Attendance CHECK LIST

Travel Check List

Check current weather conditions at this link and dress accordingly : )

  • Directions
  • Food (although some food will be available on site)
  • Water (bring extra please to share)
  • Toilet Paper (2 restrooms for lots of people)
  • Sunscreen (just in case)
  • Earth friendly paper plates/napkins/utensils
  • Blankets/Pillow (if you plan on sleeping in the auditorium)
  • Warm place to sleep/RV/Camper/tents/sleeping bags
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Solar stake lights to help illuminate the path from the RV and tent areas and walking areas for safety and fun!
  • Earth friendly trash bags to take our recyclables¬†and non-recyclables with us in honor of Earth Day Blessing and Ceremony
  • Lounge Chairs
  • First Aid Kit (always recommended to keep on hand anyway)
  • An open heart, mind and soul willing to embrace the possibility of many unfolding miracles leading up to, during and after this incredible annual gathering to bless, honor and respect our Mother Earth and all Humanity.
  • This is an alchohol and drug free event.

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