2013 Event Calendar

Mother Earth Blessing Way 2013 is the 3rd annual sustainable earth festival held near community called Naataanii, located about 1 ½ hours north of Flagstaff, AZ on the Navajo Reservation.

This years event is being held at the STAR School located at 145 Leupp Rd
Flagstaff, AZ 86004  Google Map See below for more info on this beautiful school.

Event times:

Saturday April 20, 2012 Sunrise – 10pm

Sunday April 21, 2012 12noon – 6pm

  • April 20, 2013, Sunrise: Run for Forgiveness through Compassion 12:noon: Lunch NavaHopi Tocos Feeding Runners and Run Highlights
  • 2pm Award presentation to Navajo Nation Vice President Rex Lee Jim by Harold Begay and Lillie Redsteer.
  • Evolutionary Speakers from Hopi, Paiute, other First Nations
  • Update on Progress in Bennett Freeze communities
  • July Navajo / Hopi Peace event discussion
  • Sustainable Living: Being in Balance with the Spiritual Nature of Mother Earth
  • Navajo / Hopi Drum – outside in circle

Earth Day Blessing Way 2013 is a two Day Festival that begins on Saturday April 20, 2012 and continues through Sunday April 21, 2012 and this year will be held at the STAR School with easy highway access.

This year, we are blessed with an offer to have our 2 day event at the STAR School located off of Leupp Rd just out side of the Navajo Reservation which will make traveling to the event much easier for many people.

The STAR School is an incredible school started and operated by Dr. Mark Sorensen and his wife Kate. Currently it is K-8 and has approximately 109 Navajo Children. This school is the first Charter School in the US that is off of the grid with their own Solar, Wind, and onsite well. Join us this year at the STAR School and be a part of creating a more positive future for our Navajo and Hopi relatives.

Saturday April 20: Sunrise “Run for Forgiveness through Compassion”

Runners will leave Naataanii to the STAR School and will have drivers assisting all along the Route which is approximately 31.6 miles. Ruben Saufkie has run thousands of miles before and he will be organizing this run and working with the runners.

Lunch: will be served after Opening Ceremony by  Harold Begay & Lillie Redsteer,  who will also be presenting Navajo Nation Vice President Rex Lee Jim with the 1st Annual Naataanii Award.

Navajo Nation Vice President Rex Lee Jim  will speak on the path of Forgiveness and living in harmony with Mother Earth.

Additional Speakers include, Bill Goldberg and special guests. Each will be focusing on Peace, Forgiveness and Mother Earth. We may also hear from Dr. Mark Sorensen on Peace Building at the STAR School as well as Robb Redsteer, Ruben Saufkie, and Gary Christmas discussing the latest efforts to bring Peace through Forgiveness between the Navajo and Hopi people.

Drumming: 7pm-10pm Navajo and Hopi Drums will celebrate Mother Earth outside under the stars.

Sunday April 21 will begin with a Sunrise sacred circle ceremony connecting all people as one tribe n gratitude for Mother Earth with Peace, Abundance, and the Evolution of Humanity as One.

Navajo / Hopi Cultural Exchange will begin at 12 noon and finish at 6pm with fresh Mutton stew and Pot Luck. Then the sharing of culture, cooking, stories, singing and dancing begin! This promises to be a very fun day for all who can learn so much from the long history and similar cultures of Navajo and Hopi.

All Proceeds from Earthday Naataanii 2013 are being used to support Modernized Homes with Indoor Plumbing and Human Grade Drinking Water, and Sustainable Economic Development in Alignment with the Beliefs and Values of the Navajo to the people of Naataanii and the former Bennett Freeze area, as well as the new Path of Peace between the Navajo and Hopi People. One day when the People have Embraced Peace between each other, the Governments will catch up

Prayers and closing ceremony will extinguish the Peace Fire with Love and Beauty.

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