OUR Vision

One Tribe. One Humanity. One Love.

This is a great moment to be alive. This year of 2012 has been spoken about for eons in many circles. Some spoke in fear, painting pictures of disaster for humanity. On the contrary, we believe that the future can be quite positive. Each of us just has to show up and do what we can to help. It’s really that simple.

We are an ever expanding tribe of Love. Our evolution is driven by innovation and collaborative solutions to the challenges we face in the world around us. It is up to each of us individually, and collectively, to make evolved choices and take positive actions in our daily lives. Consistent action, which is the critical component to bring about a positive future, is the key.

Our focus on helping to create a sustainable future for the people in the community of Naataanii in northern AZ on the Navajo reservation, is our beliefs in action. Naataanii is located in the former Bennett Freeze area. For over 44 years this area was under strict laws which prohibited even the most basic progress. The law was repealed in 2009, however the living conditions for Naataanii and all of the communities impacted so heavily by the Bennett Freeze have improved very little if at all during this time.

Today, one year after our initial Earthday event in Naataanii, we see a very positive future for this community and are working with the leaders of Naataanii to continue progress. Harold Begay, Lillie Redsteer and Robb Redsteer are making progress at bringing balance and dignity into the daily lives of their community with their Peace Building activities. This is on-going work and the Earthday Naataanii 2012 event is key to bringing about real substantive changes in Naataanii.

Many beautiful souls are helping to bring progress toward real change in Naataanii by focusing initially on the basics of shelter, food, energy, clothes, and basic economics. We are so grateful for the growing support from like minded souls who are contributing their time, money, resources, and actions toward creating sustainable changes for the people of Naataanii.

This is where it all begins. As we focus on results in Naataanii the world changes and the possibilities for the other communities which have been negatively impacted by the Bennett Freeze are improved. The Bennett Freeze covered 1.5 Million acres that stretches across Arizona and New Mexico impacting Navajo, Hopi, and other Native American Nations.

Our goal is to create a sustainable model of progress in Naataanii that can be brought to all of the Bennett Freeze and we are working with the private citizens, companies, and governments to bring sustainable food, sustainable energy, sustainable living conditions, and sustainable economic development to Naataanii.

Come and join us for an incredible experience that you will never forget. Your participation will contribute to a positive future for this and all communities impacted by the Bennett Freeze.

In Peace

“As long as there is injustice anywhere in the world, it is a direct threat to justice everywhere in the world.”
Martin Luther King

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