Naataanii 2013 ~ Mother Earth Blessing Way

A HUGE Thank You to who attended our fundraiser in Huntington Beach CA on Tuesday March 26, 2013!! Each person brought exactly what was needed for a beautiful Ocean blessing, and a really fun night with great people! Robb Redsteer from Naataanii on the Navajo reservation and Ruben Saufkie from Hopi both spoke very candidly  about finding their Path to Peace individually, as well as together on this new Path of Peace they are creating for the Navajo and Hopi people.

Kimberlee Schultz did an amazing job coordinating the event at Spark Woodfire Grill so we are very grateful for her and a beautiful venue. Michelle Anderson did a remarkable job as emcee and shared her vision of being involved in a project that supported our Native American relatives which she had years before some of us had even met.

We had some very special guests who attended Naataanii’s first event in 2011, and also some who were in attendance from our 2012 event as well and we Thank You for all of your support in the past, in the present, and continuing into the future. We are very grateful to announce that Ms. Dawn Parker-Waites who joined us Tuesday has asked for Naataanii 2013 “Mother Earth Blessing Way” to be an official sister-event with Echo Eden in San Diego. Stay tuned for more collaborative efforts between Naataanii 2013 and Echo Eden!

A Special Thank You to Steve Robertson of Project Peace on Earth for coming and opening the door for us to support Peace between the people of Israel and Palestine. We are honored to offer our service as are our brothers Robb Redsteer and Ruben Saufkie. Learn more about Steve’s amazing work and how you can help at:

We also still have some amazing items for auction and will continue to add to the list as donations continue. Please see out Auction / Donations tab for current info. This will be updated later this week.

In Gratitude,



On March 26, 2013 at 6pm Huntington Beach will be briefly transformed with a beautiful Water Ceremony and Sacred Circle. This year for our FUNdraising effort we were fortunate enough to be able to fly Robb Redsteer from Naataanii on the Navajo reservation and Ruben Saufkie from Hopi land.

Please join us if you can and share this information with anyone you may know that resonates with Authentic Native American culture, ceremony, stories and prophecy. Both Robb and Ruben will be speaking at length about their experiences out in Naataanii and how each person who has been involved for almost 3 years has played a part in positive change.

For me it has been an exciting and challenging time of personal growth and expansion. I know each person who has been involved will have their own story to tell, so we will have cameras rolling for the event in hopes of really capturing this beautiful moment.

Over the last 3 three years there is a group of very special souls who have put forth their time, effort, Love, and resourses to shine a light on the rediculous povery that we have seen first hand in Naataanii AZ which is located on the Navajo reservation in the former Bennett freeze about an hour and 45 minutes north of Flagstaff.

When we first showed up, our hosts Harold Begay, Lillie Redsteer, and Robb Redsteer had been working for years to bring human grade drinking water, power, and improved living conditions  to their community and the other 8 freeze communities.

Now they have a new home that is now structurally complete, as do several of their neighbors. And a total of 28 homes are slated to be built in the Freeze communities. These are the first homes to be built in the former Bennett Freeze in almost 50 years. Human grade water lines are being run toward their community and they are working closer together on local issues that impact their.

On December 15, 2012 a beautiful ceremony took place that included both Navajo and Hopi medicine men who came together for the purpose of exploring a new Path to Peace through Forgiveness. My prayer, was that this would not just forgiveness for the people in the room, but to really go as deep as possible and to focus on the forgiveness of Ancestral conflicts of many past generations as well as the current.

What happened in my presence during this incredible 15 hour ceremony between the Navajo and Hopi may have truly opened a path to a new Peace between both nations and I am honored to play a role in this healing. Please join us on March 26th and hear this remarkable story for yourself.

Bring Peace wherever you go.


Fundraiser f Mar 26

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