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A Thousand Trees for the Bennett Freeze Fund

$30.00 Donation

Thank you for helping us to make a very real impact in the lives of the Navajo families living in the 8 communities which have suffered for so many years as a result of the former Bennett Freeze which was a law banning all improvement, building, and infrastructure from 1966 to 2009.

Each donation you make towards this fund helps us to plant trees that will grow to become beautiful shade trees for Navajo families living in the Bennett Freeze. There are currently at least 1,000 homes that need to be built for families living in the for Bennett Freeze area and many of these are urgent as the homes are in major disrepair with some literally falling down as a result of many years of forced neglect.

Our first Tree was planted on April 21, 2012 right next to Harold Begay and Lillie Redsteer’s new house which is one of the first houses being built in the Bennett Freeze by the Navajo Nation since 1966. Our goal is to continue to plant a new tree with each new house constructed in the former Bennett Freeze area as each new house will have human grade drinking water, indoor plumbing, and will be made with modern construction methods.

Thank you for helping us to Plant 1000 Trees in The Bennett Freeze and to restore dignity and balance to the people and land.

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