Last year, with the help of some Incredible Souls, we produced the First Earth Day Event in Naataanii, AZ a very remote place on the Navajo Reservation in what was called the fomer Bennett Freeze.  For almost 50 years 1.5 Million acres  that spreads across Arizona and New Mexico, had been frozen in time with as little as 3 percent of families having access to electricity and 10 percent with running water or indoor plumbing.

Below is a picture of Harold and Lillie’s NEW HOUSE which is being finished this weekend. They were the hosts of the Earth day Event on their land last year with very little hope for change until now…they have a brand new 2 bedroom house!


We would like to surprise them with new beds, a nice kitchen, and since they finally have indoor bathrooms and a real shower with hot water, we would like them to experience a nice bathroom and wake up warm without having to put wood on the fire.

Please contribute $11.00 by clicking on this link and you can help Harold and Lillie move into a Real House with a celebration during our annual Earth Day Naataanii event Thursday April 19 thru Sunday April 22, 2012.

When we all come together as one and focus we can transform the future of this remote land into a new thriving land full of hope and opportunity. With continued focus on sustainable homes, water services, roads, jobs, and medical clinics, the entire area would flourish so our support of all people impacted by the former Bennett Freeze makes a significant difference in Thousands of Native American peoples daily lives, right here in the USA!!!!

Please donate what you can today and be grateful for all that you have.

$11.00 Donation Link for Harold and Lillie’s House Fund

$30.00 Donation Link for the Thousand Trees In the Bennett Freeze Fund $50 Donation Link for Harold and Lillie’s House Fund

$111.00 Donation Link for the Thousand Trees in the Bennett freeze Fund

$500 Special Request Fund ~ You direct How This Money Is Invested!

PeaceVizon, LLC is a company focused initially on helping our friends in Naataanii and the former Bennett Freeze, and will continue to expand the focus of our efforts to include other Native American and Indigenous Communities in North America, South America who are still living in dangerously under developed communities. 

With Love and Gratitude,

The EarthDay Naataanii Support Team


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