Earth Day Naataanii Press Release April 12 2012

 Second Annual Earth Day Naataanii Festival 2012 Welcomes Navajo Nation Vice President Rex Lee Jim

4 Day Event Features Inter-tribal Pow Wow, Hwó Déíz Yéíl Convention, and Sustainable Earth Festival for All Ages.

 NAATAANII, AZ April 12, 2012 — The second annual Earth Day Blessing and Celebration is being held in The Naataanii Area, AZ  - in the Western Agency of the Navajo Nation on April 19-22, 2012.  Earth Day Naataanii 2012 is inviting all Nations and people to come together as one at the Naataanii community, near Sand Springs in the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona, just west of Tolani Lake. There will be an Inter-Tribal Pow Wow, Hwó Déíz Yéíl Convention, and Sustainable Earth Festival for all ages with Native speakers, traditional singers and dancing with culture along with the Sacred Earth Blessing and Ceremony. All proceeds to bring sustainable housing, food and energy solutions to the Naataanii community and the former Bennett Freeze.

Ceremonies throughout the weekend will include Navajo Nation Vice President Rex Lee Jim performing his Earth Tribute & Blessing along with others such as, Tupac Enrique Acosta, Nahuacalli – Embassy of Indigenous Peoples, Hopi Drum Group Bear Shield, and Yaqui Elder Alida Quiroz-Montiel – Yolloincuauhtli (Heart of the Eagle) Danza Azteca and former AZ State Representative Albert Tom. Other festivities feature live music from Shakti Tribe and special performances from other guests. Singing and Drumming from all Nations will also be featured with speeches featuring Navajo, Hopi, Osage, Lakota, Zuni, Cherokee, Apache, Yaqui and others who will discuss Sustainable Energy, Peace Building, Water Rights, and building Community Leaders. Tours of the Navajo Bio Dome will also be a unique feature for all who attend the Earth Day Naataanii 2012 Festival.

Event host Harold Begay along with Lillie Redsteer is excited to celebrate the completion of their new house and the new developments in the Naataanii community which have taken place since the event last year.  In addition to their new house, 3 of their neighbors have also received new houses in the former Bennett Freeze community, which is a great sign of positive change for the whole community. “We are very grateful for this progress and are hopeful that all of the people on the former Bennett freeze land will experience their progress in their communities very soon.” Said Begay.

About Earth Day Naataanii

Earth Day Naataanii is the second annual event to be held in Naataanii, AZ to help all people that are still dealing with harsh impact of the former Bennett Freeze law which was repealed in 2009 by the Obama administration. There are plans to support sustainable development, create sustainable full time jobs in the area and to continue embrace sustainable solutions for clean water, usable energy, and organic food production. Earth Day Naataanii 2012 is produced in partnership with Peacevizon, LLC and Gary Christmas.


Earth Day Naataanii logo is a trademark in the Naataanii Peace Builders Alliance.

For More Information, Contact:

Robb Redsteer @ or Gary Christmas @ or visit

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One Response to Earth Day Naataanii Press Release April 12 2012

  1. Sue Davis says:

    First, I was dumbstruck to learn of the plight of these poor people who lived in such horrific conditions because of a legislative loophole that left them high and dry. I wish I could come to the event on Earth Day, but can’t make it this year. Kudos to Gary Christmas and Kimberlee Schultz for banging the gong loudly enough to get attention paid for this very important cause. I wish everyone all the best for a successful and awesome event.


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