Tobey Thankful First Special Edition Fundraiser is Now Available!

This is a SPECIAL DAY 2/2/2012!

Our First Special Edition EarthDay Naataanii is now available for fundraising.  Please share a link to to the StarPals Tobey Thankful Fundraiser tab and help us BE the change.

Click on the book below to begin helping us BE the change!

The StarPals First Special Edition EarthDay Naataanii was customized to create a fundraising tool to benefit all communities affected by the former Bennett Freeze.

Philanthropist Tobey Thankful is joined by his fellow StarPals; Patty Patience, Korey Kindness, Haley Humble, Tommy Truth, Shari Sharing and Livey Love.  Each StarPal utilizes their musical gifts and talents to raise awareness and funding specifically for EarthDay Naataanii.

Their inspiring and empowering message is simple.  Be willing to BE catalysts for positive change, then add action to the opportunities that present themselves.

It is an honor to extend 100 percent of the profits to EarthDay Naataanii!  We thank you in advance for BEing part of the transformation.  Stay tuned as we share the results of this exciting fundraising collaboration.

In Peace & Love,

The StarPals




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