Thank You For Doing What You Can To Help!

There are so many people who make a difference in the world in their very own unique way. Some give time, some give money, some clothes, supplies, solar generators, a biodome, and some of you have even shown up to Naataanii from many hours for 3 years in a row!

Thank You so much for your Love and Support! It really does make a positive difference in the world.

( Here is a copy of our latest press from the OC Register on May/19/2013: )

This was our third annual event and this year we had much of the event at the STAR School which teaches over 100 Navajo children in an amazing environment with reverence for earth and all people, where Navajo Peace Building is taught and practiced daily.

In honor of the Peace Ceremony that took place December 15, 2012 in Naataanii with the Navajo and Hopi, we held or first Run for Forgiveness through Compassion, which started a relay race almost 40 miles from Naataanii to the STAR School. We have some great pictures and video of this race that will be posted soon and huge Gratitude to all of the runners aging from 11 years old to 68 years old!!

This year we are also grateful for Keith Sharon and Eugene from the Orange County Register who covered the event and wrote a very cool story about Naataanii. I’m sure there are many people who will hear about Naataanii for the first time as a result of your efforts.

Many new people showed up this year as well which helps us to continue to expand the tribe of Love to include all people in all lands.

How Can You Help? Use these links below or give me a call at 714.915.1183. Thank You!

Help us to put furniture in 4 new homes! We need beds, couchs, kitchen and batroom for 4 houses currently.

$11.00 Donation Link for Navajo / Hopi House Fund

$50.00 Donation Link for Navajo / Hopi House Fund

$111.00 Donation Link for the Thousand Trees in the Bennett freeze Fund

$500 Special Request Fund ~ You direct How This Money Is Invested in the Community!

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Naataanii 2013 ~ Mother Earth Blessing Way

A HUGE Thank You to who attended our fundraiser in Huntington Beach CA on Tuesday March 26, 2013!! Each person brought exactly what was needed for a beautiful Ocean blessing, and a really fun night with great people! Robb Redsteer from Naataanii on the Navajo reservation and Ruben Saufkie from Hopi both spoke very candidly  about finding their Path to Peace individually, as well as together on this new Path of Peace they are creating for the Navajo and Hopi people.

Kimberlee Schultz did an amazing job coordinating the event at Spark Woodfire Grill so we are very grateful for her and a beautiful venue. Michelle Anderson did a remarkable job as emcee and shared her vision of being involved in a project that supported our Native American relatives which she had years before some of us had even met.

We had some very special guests who attended Naataanii’s first event in 2011, and also some who were in attendance from our 2012 event as well and we Thank You for all of your support in the past, in the present, and continuing into the future. We are very grateful to announce that Ms. Dawn Parker-Waites who joined us Tuesday has asked for Naataanii 2013 “Mother Earth Blessing Way” to be an official sister-event with Echo Eden in San Diego. Stay tuned for more collaborative efforts between Naataanii 2013 and Echo Eden!

A Special Thank You to Steve Robertson of Project Peace on Earth for coming and opening the door for us to support Peace between the people of Israel and Palestine. We are honored to offer our service as are our brothers Robb Redsteer and Ruben Saufkie. Learn more about Steve’s amazing work and how you can help at:

We also still have some amazing items for auction and will continue to add to the list as donations continue. Please see out Auction / Donations tab for current info. This will be updated later this week.

In Gratitude,



On March 26, 2013 at 6pm Huntington Beach will be briefly transformed with a beautiful Water Ceremony and Sacred Circle. This year for our FUNdraising effort we were fortunate enough to be able to fly Robb Redsteer from Naataanii on the Navajo reservation and Ruben Saufkie from Hopi land.

Please join us if you can and share this information with anyone you may know that resonates with Authentic Native American culture, ceremony, stories and prophecy. Both Robb and Ruben will be speaking at length about their experiences out in Naataanii and how each person who has been involved for almost 3 years has played a part in positive change.

For me it has been an exciting and challenging time of personal growth and expansion. I know each person who has been involved will have their own story to tell, so we will have cameras rolling for the event in hopes of really capturing this beautiful moment.

Over the last 3 three years there is a group of very special souls who have put forth their time, effort, Love, and resourses to shine a light on the rediculous povery that we have seen first hand in Naataanii AZ which is located on the Navajo reservation in the former Bennett freeze about an hour and 45 minutes north of Flagstaff.

When we first showed up, our hosts Harold Begay, Lillie Redsteer, and Robb Redsteer had been working for years to bring human grade drinking water, power, and improved living conditions  to their community and the other 8 freeze communities.

Now they have a new home that is now structurally complete, as do several of their neighbors. And a total of 28 homes are slated to be built in the Freeze communities. These are the first homes to be built in the former Bennett Freeze in almost 50 years. Human grade water lines are being run toward their community and they are working closer together on local issues that impact their.

On December 15, 2012 a beautiful ceremony took place that included both Navajo and Hopi medicine men who came together for the purpose of exploring a new Path to Peace through Forgiveness. My prayer, was that this would not just forgiveness for the people in the room, but to really go as deep as possible and to focus on the forgiveness of Ancestral conflicts of many past generations as well as the current.

What happened in my presence during this incredible 15 hour ceremony between the Navajo and Hopi may have truly opened a path to a new Peace between both nations and I am honored to play a role in this healing. Please join us on March 26th and hear this remarkable story for yourself.

Bring Peace wherever you go.


Fundraiser f Mar 26

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Happy 74th Birthday Harold Begay!

Our EarthDay Naataanii host Harold Begay celebrated his 74th birthday May 7th!!!!

In honor of this beatiful day, we are offering house warming gifts for Harold and Lillie’s new home. 

Harold & Lillie’s New Home


If you would like to join us please click on the links below.



$11.00 Donation Link for Bennett Freeze House Fund

$50 Donation Link for Bennett Freeze House Fund

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You Can Help

A Thousand Trees for the Bennett Freeze Fund

$30.00 Donation

Thank you for helping us to make a very real impact in the lives of the Navajo families living in the 8 communities which have suffered for so many years as a result of the former Bennett Freeze which was a law banning all improvement, building, and infrastructure from 1966 to 2009.

Each donation you make towards this fund helps us to plant trees that will grow to become beautiful shade trees for Navajo families living in the Bennett Freeze. There are currently at least 1,000 homes that need to be built for families living in the for Bennett Freeze area and many of these are urgent as the homes are in major disrepair with some literally falling down as a result of many years of forced neglect.

Our first Tree was planted on April 21, 2012 right next to Harold Begay and Lillie Redsteer’s new house which is one of the first houses being built in the Bennett Freeze by the Navajo Nation since 1966. Our goal is to continue to plant a new tree with each new house constructed in the former Bennett Freeze area as each new house will have human grade drinking water, indoor plumbing, and will be made with modern construction methods.

Thank you for helping us to Plant 1000 Trees in The Bennett Freeze and to restore dignity and balance to the people and land.

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May 14 Press Release 17 More Homes!!!

Note: this is 17 more homes in addition to the 4 that are already built and the 7 that just had supplies delivered this week to begin building.  Thank You to all involved to help make 28 families see the reality of living in a new home!!!!

For Immediate Release May 14, 2012

President Ben Shelly Calls for Action to Help Families Attain Homes in Bennett Freeze Area

CAMERON, Ariz. – Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly called for immediate action to help people purchase new homes after he toured two homes affected by a 40 year old policy that was lifted in 2009.

President Shelly toured two homes that fell within the former Bennett Freeze area, and area that was place under aBureau of Indian Affairs executive order stopping development for more than 40 years.

The homes were about a mile north of the Cameron Chapter House.

“We got to getthis person ahome,” President Shelly said as he toured the first home of a resident that wasn’t home.

Raymond Maxx, director of the Navajo-Hopi Land Commission, said the man’s trailer home was totaled in a windstorm a few years ago. Since then, the man, who wasn’t identified, has lived in a minivan next to the remnants of his trailer.

President Shelly (left) consults with Navajo-Hopi Land Commission Director Raymond Maxx about expediting funding for 17 families needing new homes. Behind this is the remainder of a single-wide trailer that was destroyed by a windstorm a few years ago.

The other home was a dilapidated double-wide trailer home that had two rooms lost to fire but was still inhabited.

Maxx said that money, about $1.2 million from an escrow account, is readily available to help such families and residents to find new housing, but because of bureaucratic protocol, the Navajo Nation hasn’t been able to buy homes for the families.

Homes are ready to be purchased, Maxx said.

“We need to do something this week about this. Let’s do it,” President Shelly said, adding that he is going to meet later this week with members of his cabinet to find asolution to allocate money to the families.

“This is an emergency,” President Shelly said.

Maxx said his office as identified 17 families living in similar conditions and money isavailable to help all the families get new housing.

The Bennett Freeze area was inflicted by a policy in 1966 after the Hopi Tribe filed a lawsuit to claim 1.8 million acres of Navajo land. Then BIA Director Robert Bennettissued an order suspending any development on the lands pending the decision of thecourt.

The freeze remained in effect for more than 40 years until President Barack Obama repealed the order in 2009.

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Check out OUR Progress Tab for Continued Updates

Please Go to OUR Progress tab regularly for updates. 

We just posted the AZTV Live Morning Scramble Interview from April 17th, a few facebook chats sharing our progress and focus, and some links to help donate to the 1000 Trees for The Bennett Freeze

Gary shares insight on his post how this initiative will help encourage Navajo Nation to speed up the delivery of new homes with power, running water accompanied by a shade tree and eventually paved roads.  If you have not driven on the washboard dirt roads, you cannot fully appreciate how uncomfortable, slow and debilitating it is to your vehicle while in transit in these parts.

Cheers to Naataanii for BEing a catalyst for positive change!

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Earth Day Naataanii 2012 With Larisa Stow and Shakti Tribe

Larisa Stow and Shakti Tribe Journey To Earth Day Naataanii 2012 and provide one of their legendary performances on Saturday April 21, 2012 for the Benefit Concert for the Bennett Freeze communities.

Shakti Tribe is known around the world for their Love Filled Music and Elated Audiences! Please Join Us For This Beautiful Interactive Performance to Honor The People and the Land in the former Benefit Freeze.

All Tribes Are One Tribe ~ Earth Day Naataanii 2012

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Last year, with the help of some Incredible Souls, we produced the First Earth Day Event in Naataanii, AZ a very remote place on the Navajo Reservation in what was called the fomer Bennett Freeze.  For almost 50 years 1.5 Million acres  that spreads across Arizona and New Mexico, had been frozen in time with as little as 3 percent of families having access to electricity and 10 percent with running water or indoor plumbing.

Below is a picture of Harold and Lillie’s NEW HOUSE which is being finished this weekend. They were the hosts of the Earth day Event on their land last year with very little hope for change until now…they have a brand new 2 bedroom house!


We would like to surprise them with new beds, a nice kitchen, and since they finally have indoor bathrooms and a real shower with hot water, we would like them to experience a nice bathroom and wake up warm without having to put wood on the fire.

Please contribute $11.00 by clicking on this link and you can help Harold and Lillie move into a Real House with a celebration during our annual Earth Day Naataanii event Thursday April 19 thru Sunday April 22, 2012.

When we all come together as one and focus we can transform the future of this remote land into a new thriving land full of hope and opportunity. With continued focus on sustainable homes, water services, roads, jobs, and medical clinics, the entire area would flourish so our support of all people impacted by the former Bennett Freeze makes a significant difference in Thousands of Native American peoples daily lives, right here in the USA!!!!

Please donate what you can today and be grateful for all that you have.

$11.00 Donation Link for Harold and Lillie’s House Fund

$30.00 Donation Link for the Thousand Trees In the Bennett Freeze Fund $50 Donation Link for Harold and Lillie’s House Fund

$111.00 Donation Link for the Thousand Trees in the Bennett freeze Fund

$500 Special Request Fund ~ You direct How This Money Is Invested!

PeaceVizon, LLC is a company focused initially on helping our friends in Naataanii and the former Bennett Freeze, and will continue to expand the focus of our efforts to include other Native American and Indigenous Communities in North America, South America who are still living in dangerously under developed communities. 

With Love and Gratitude,

The EarthDay Naataanii Support Team


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Earth Day Naataanii Press Release April 12 2012

 Second Annual Earth Day Naataanii Festival 2012 Welcomes Navajo Nation Vice President Rex Lee Jim

4 Day Event Features Inter-tribal Pow Wow, Hwó Déíz Yéíl Convention, and Sustainable Earth Festival for All Ages.

 NAATAANII, AZ April 12, 2012 — The second annual Earth Day Blessing and Celebration is being held in The Naataanii Area, AZ  - in the Western Agency of the Navajo Nation on April 19-22, 2012.  Earth Day Naataanii 2012 is inviting all Nations and people to come together as one at the Naataanii community, near Sand Springs in the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona, just west of Tolani Lake. There will be an Inter-Tribal Pow Wow, Hwó Déíz Yéíl Convention, and Sustainable Earth Festival for all ages with Native speakers, traditional singers and dancing with culture along with the Sacred Earth Blessing and Ceremony. All proceeds to bring sustainable housing, food and energy solutions to the Naataanii community and the former Bennett Freeze.

Ceremonies throughout the weekend will include Navajo Nation Vice President Rex Lee Jim performing his Earth Tribute & Blessing along with others such as, Tupac Enrique Acosta, Nahuacalli – Embassy of Indigenous Peoples, Hopi Drum Group Bear Shield, and Yaqui Elder Alida Quiroz-Montiel – Yolloincuauhtli (Heart of the Eagle) Danza Azteca and former AZ State Representative Albert Tom. Other festivities feature live music from Shakti Tribe and special performances from other guests. Singing and Drumming from all Nations will also be featured with speeches featuring Navajo, Hopi, Osage, Lakota, Zuni, Cherokee, Apache, Yaqui and others who will discuss Sustainable Energy, Peace Building, Water Rights, and building Community Leaders. Tours of the Navajo Bio Dome will also be a unique feature for all who attend the Earth Day Naataanii 2012 Festival.

Event host Harold Begay along with Lillie Redsteer is excited to celebrate the completion of their new house and the new developments in the Naataanii community which have taken place since the event last year.  In addition to their new house, 3 of their neighbors have also received new houses in the former Bennett Freeze community, which is a great sign of positive change for the whole community. “We are very grateful for this progress and are hopeful that all of the people on the former Bennett freeze land will experience their progress in their communities very soon.” Said Begay.

About Earth Day Naataanii

Earth Day Naataanii is the second annual event to be held in Naataanii, AZ to help all people that are still dealing with harsh impact of the former Bennett Freeze law which was repealed in 2009 by the Obama administration. There are plans to support sustainable development, create sustainable full time jobs in the area and to continue embrace sustainable solutions for clean water, usable energy, and organic food production. Earth Day Naataanii 2012 is produced in partnership with Peacevizon, LLC and Gary Christmas.


Earth Day Naataanii logo is a trademark in the Naataanii Peace Builders Alliance.

For More Information, Contact:

Robb Redsteer @ or Gary Christmas @ or visit

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EarthDay Naataanii Prophecy ~ It is Time!!!!

I was contemplating the words in this Prophecy Paper on my drive to work yesterday and again, the tears flowed as I repeated the words “There will be a group of people that will come together who will help. They are receiving the messages too.”  

The Land called US.  WE showed up.  In deep humility and gratitude, WE will continue the journey forward TOgether.


June 2003 Two American Indian Spirits, a male and a female, came to me in the early morning. Standing on each side of me, our arms locked together, we began traveling at a high rate of speed across the Earth. We flew across every type of terrain, elevation and geographic feature. We merged with and flowed ‘through’ sand, soil, rocks, hills, mountains, canyons, trees and all types of plant life. We swam through the oceans and went across the land. The sun, moon and stars were always present. At one point I could see a river in the distance and I said “we will be going into the river” and we did. When we emerged on the opposite bank of the river I found myself at ground level. I felt like an insect or a small animal. I could smell the soil and see rows of corn, melons and some other plants around me. I looked around and as I began to stand up I could see I was in the middle of a large garden.

At that point I heard someone speaking and I turned my attention to a man standing behind a podium on a stage in the center of the garden. I thought to myself, “I should pay attention to what he is saying.” He spoke about the human spiritual and molecular connection to the elements of nature, that we are one with creation and the significance of protecting the environment for future generations. His terminology about the environment was both scientific as well as spiritual. His primary topic was ‘water.’ He was also a Native American. As he was speaking I noticed that he wasn’t directly speaking to me. He appeared to be giving a speech and looking out beyond the stage. I followed his gaze and at that point I saw people sitting in a stadium listening to his speech. The stage was surrounded by the garden that I was standing in and also there were small trees in containers and artwork. It was a beautiful setting.

At that point one Spirit spoke to me and said, “This needs to happen. It is time.”

Then in an instant, the two Spirits and I were up in space above the region of the U.S. looking down at the land. One of them spoke again and she said, “the gatherings need to happen at four places.” At that time I saw a burning ember started to glow in the southwest region of the U.S.A second one was in the northwest. The third and the fourth ones appeared almost at the same time…one in the central region and one towards the Great Lakes. I began to think about Willie Nelson and Farm Aid and I said to the Spirits, “do you mean like Farm Aid?” They answered, “Yes and he had our help.”

At that time I started to feel quite overwhelmed about the task and said to them, “four?” They answered, “Start with one.” As they gave me further detailed instruction, I began to see the gatherings in progress. The Spirits said that each gathering carried the general theme, but each would be unique and help to provide national direction for years to come. I thought about the Civil Rights March on Washington and they said, “That set in motion some of the changes you have experienced.” They said the speakers should focus on current environmental crises, but at the same time it is to discuss and identify next steps in preserving and protecting our environment and learning to coincide in a more natural state with the Earth.

As I heard these words I saw speakers such as Native American Elders, scientists, writers and storytellers, lawyers, business people and others sharing important information. There were singers, musicians and poets. There was a strong presence of Indigenous people. It was energetic and positive. It was a celebration, but serious issues were being discussed. I saw information booths and smaller rooms where people were having discussions. The spirits made clear to me that the gathering must also appeal to the ‘individual.’ They showed me a ‘housewife’ and she was turning off a lamp because she wanted to do her part to preserve the environment. They said it should also help people that make laws and others that have to carry them out and then to others that directly impact the environment through their business activities.

The Spirits said, “People need to learn what they can do.” I asked, “Who should I speak to? Who will help?” They said, “Begin to talk about it. There will be a group of people that will come together who will help. They are receiving the messages too.” I hesitated about asking about a time frame knowing that this would be on “Creator’s time,” but they said, “Start with the first one.” The Spirits said a final time, “this needs to happen. It is time.”


What:   Four gatherings to be held to celebrate our relationship to planet Earth designed to create awareness and serve as forums to expand initiatives and achieve consensus on individual, community and national strategies to protect the environment.

Where: Southwest, Northwest, Midwest and Great Lakes Region (U.S.)

When: Put planning in motion to set future dates.

Why: Targeted public events help to focus attention on the status of the environment in order to develop national consensus and cohesive thought to defend and protect our earth, including the wildlife and heritage resources within theUnited States. The four gatherings will provide a forum to jointly develop strategies that can be initiated by individuals and communities in order to set forth national direction to promote stronger environmental policies for future generations.

How: The gatherings will provide opportunities for the voices of concerned individuals to be heard through stories, songs, poetry and other media to educate the public at large. Interaction among the participants and educational dissemination shall be key elements. The events will bring together people from all walks of life, ages and income levels to celebrate the Earth. It will give them an opportunity to discuss needed strategies to conserve energy, clean-up the air and water, safeguard and regenerate wilderness and wildlife, protect cultural resources, conserve open space and develop ideas for the green economy.

Individual, community and national environmental stewardship is the human requirement of existence. In this way the Earth will give back to us all that we need or should desire. Organizational efforts will need to include a willingness to redirect resources to secure a gathering place (stadium or other appropriate setting) for each event and to effectively disseminate information with the aim of long-term commitments that go beyond a one-day event.  - Shared with permission from Earthy

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